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Train as much as you want for a low, hourly rate

10-39 Hours

$24.00 / Hr

Hours are $24.00/hour when you buy 10-39 hrs at a time

40-69 Hours

$22.00 / Hr

Hours are $22.00/hour when you buy 40-69 hrs at a time

70+ Hours

$19.00 / Hr

Hours are $19.00/hour when you purchase 70 hrs a time


Contact Us

Got a busy month coming up? Contact us to learn more about our Unlimited Monthly Training option

Located in Columbus, Ohio, Training Grounds is a hourly rental gym for fitness professionals. No long term commitments. No non-competes. Purchase as many training hours or as few as you would like - you're a customer, not an employee or independent contractor.


The more you buy, the cheaper the rate becomes. Use these training hours at your own pace, but they do expire after 6 months from your last usage. When you use your training hours, our 9,600 sq. ft. exercise facility is at your disposal.

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